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Looking to join a cheer team? Xtreme Spirit is ready to show you what competitive cheer is all about! We pride ourselves with competitive cheer teams that compete against some of the best gyms across the nation! Want to get up to date information about our cheer program? Click Below and join our Cheer Interest List!

4 Weeks for $49


Tumbling like gymnastics involves fast paced movements and core strength.  If you need to learn an Aerial for a dance routine or a safety roll to help with martial arts training we can help you! Through our programs you can learn the basic foundations of tumbling or rise to new heights through our Xtreme tumbling classes.    

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Ninja Training

Want a challenge? These classes will be a fun way for a child to be active and strengthen their arms, legs and core. They will also spend time learning special and specific techniques that can be applied to high level "Tricking" skills. 

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New Member Special: 4 Weeks for $49!

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